About Audir

About Audir

Guangzhou Kanglong woodcraft manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer engaged in the production of wood products for more than 20 years.

Specializing in the production of multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, high-quality plywood and wooden doors, decorative wooden wall panels.

The company introduced European production technology and technology, built an intelligent and intensive production system, and strictly implemented an advanced scientific management system in all directions. The company has a large number of professional and technical personnel who are engaged in wood procurement and processing. They work hard and tirelessly for customers to use the perfect products.

Kanglong people insist on pursuing technological innovation and technological progress.

The company strengthens cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions and experts such as South China Agricultural University and Jilin Academy of Forestry Sciences, and has domestically advanced product laboratories. Product research and development and manufacturing capacity ranks in the forefront of the country, is currently one of the few domestic professional manufacturers of multi-layer solid wood flooring with perfect production capacity.

The annual production capacity of floor substrates is about 40000M3, and the annual production capacity of floor is about 2000000㎡.

With more than 20 years of professional technology and strong production strength, we continue to develop new technologies, new processes, and continue to launch new products to meet market demand. With innovative, professional and perfect product coordination services, it has won the trust and appreciation of peers and colleagues in the decoration industry.


Audir brand introduction



Audir whole wood home is to find the ideal space scale that is more in line with modern people's habits under the premise of docking with the functions of modern people.

On the premise of fully comprehending the ideas of the New Orientalist cultural system, the beautiful forms of inheriting Eastern and Western cultures can be connected with the aesthetic methods of modern people.

In the form of expression, find the situational factors that connect with the emotions of modern people; on the ideological level, find the aesthetic memory and emotional conversion of the spiritual ideology, showing the unique and generous tolerance and calm and delicate personality unique to the New Oriental cultural system Spiritual traits.

Aodiya whole-wood home is not only a discussion and thinking about the future use of functions, not only the exploration of the application and expression of new technologies in the future, but the cultivation and promotion of this new Orientalist concept as a strong culture. People use a new vision to examine the broadness and grace of the New Orientalist culture, the mellow and delicate spiritual texture, the pleasant charm of the rhythm, and the vivid expression of the wood rhythm, reflecting the powerful appeal and moving details of the brand culture of Audia.

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